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Well, as we mentioned in our other articles, one significant factor in Google Ads is called quality score (QS). So, at first, let us define this parameter for you.

As it is obvious from its name, quality score is a parameter to describe the quality of your advertisement, your landing pages and also your keywords. The range of quality score is from 0 to 10. Then, the higher the score, the better position for your ads and also the lower price to pay. Because it affects the cost per click. In order to see your quality score , you can check your keywords Status column.

But now the question is that how Google estimates your quality score.

As a matter of fact, your keywords are so important is this step. Your quality score depends on the relevancy of your ads and landing pages to the searchers and users. So, the more relevant, the more quality score in Google Ads .

To be more precise, the QS depends on some more parameters and factors such as click-through rate, your ads text and contents and also your historical Ads account performance. So, to be successful in Google Ads you have to pay attention to all of them.

Why quality score is important in Google Ads?

Well, Google believes that your quality score shows the relationship between your ads and searchers keywords or phrases. As a matter of fact, because Google is one of the best search engine, they want to apply rules and laws to make Google the best. So, in order to be sure that your ads are relevant to searchers queries they use quality score.

Google define your ad rank as the following:

Ad rank= quality score*CPC bid

CPC bid is the amount of your bidding for cost per click.

So even if you have a limited budget, you can improve your quality score and then improve your ad rank. Therefore, you can become the top ad by working on your ads and improving the score of your quality.

All in all your success depends directly on your QS. If your keywords are inappropriate with low quality it will be possible that you can not enter even the auction. That means your ads will not be shown to the searchers.

increase quality score for google ads

How to choose keywords for higher quality score in Google Ads?

What are exactly a keywords? When you want to talk about your services or products you will use some words or phrases to describe them.

In Google Ads, you have to choose some of these words or phrases as keywords. Then, they will be used for showing your advertisement to searchers. You should be so clever while choosing keywords. Let us explain more. When people are trying to find something on the internet, they use some words to find them. The more your keywords be like searcher words, the better the customers can find you. Choosing keywords is so important. So if you are not professional in that let a specialist do this for you.

If you have suitable keywords, your performance will increase and then you will pay less prices. In contrast, unqualified keywords will result in paying more money and also getting lower positions. If you add match type to your keywords, you can understand your ads are matches with which searches.

You should note that the keywords and ads should be completely related to your products and services. In other words, when a searcher sees your ads, she or he should guess the content of your website. So, be careful about the content and text of your ads.

Google ads quality score

Types of quality score

As a matter of fact, there are some different and distinct types of quality score in Google Ads. Here we list them and give some information about each one. But in order to understand more about them and get more information please feel free to contact us. Our counselors will definitely help you have a better QS because we have an expert team specialized in Google Ads.

The types were mentioned above include:

Account level, Ad group, Keyword level, Ad level, Landing page, Display network, and Mobile quality score.

If we consider all the performance of keywords and ads in one account we are talking about account level quality score.

Ad group QS determines the area on which you have to work more in a campaign. So, you can improve the QS of the areas that are not good.

Keyword level QS depends on your keywords. The range for it is between 1 and 10. So if you get 10 it means that you get the best score for that. Actually, Google determines your score based on the searchers queries. The more they match with your keywords, the higher your score.

The other type of ads in Google Adds is called landing page QS. Let us see why it is important in Google Ads. Google always want to be the best. To achieve this goal they have to make the advertiser to have the qualified websites. Then, the Google users will be satisfied and can find relevant and useful materials in the website and so fulfil their needs. Actually landing pages are also so important for the advertisers. Because if the landing page can affect the searchers and viewers, they can be their customers. So, the landing page QS is one significant type. In fact, we should mention that this quality score is not and independent one but it is a factor to rate your keyword quality score.

To continue in this subject we can say that the QS for mobile devices is different from desktop match.

It is better to hire a professional in Google Ads

Well, considering all the mentioned above, it is difficult for a non-professional person to reach high quality score. As a matter of fact, if you do not follow Google’s rules you have to pay a lot. In addition, it might result in unsuccessful advertising. So we recommend you to ask a specialized to help you.

We, as a famous company in the field of Google Ads in New Zealand always satisfied our clients with our services. Our expert team can help you have a good experience in Google Ads. Just give us a call and benefit from our supports and creative ideas.


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