qs factors

Your cost per click will be lower, If you improve your QS for google ads management , and it can lower your cost per conversion.
Lower cost per conversion, it can make you money.

For increase you Quality Score (QS) , you need to know all QS factors.

Here’s a broader list of the factors that could impact your score directly or indirectly:

  • Your ad’s CTR (current and expected)
  • Display URL’s past CTR
  • Your ad to search term relevancy
  • The overall quality of your landing page
  • The geographic performance of your ad down to the city level
  • The difference of performance per device

The QS quality facts

Click Through Rate (CTR)

Google will most likely reward you with a higher Quality Score if you improve your CTR. CTRs are relative to each keyword, the history of that keyword, and the current competition levels.

(clicks ÷ impressions = CTR. For example, if you had 5 clicks and 100 impressions, then your CTR would be 5%.)

Keyword to Ad Ratio

The more keywords you have in an ad group, the more likely you’re to dilute the chances of message between the keyword and ad.
This leads to lower click-through-rates, and you guessed it, lower Quality Scores.

focus on restructuring ad groups that have keywords with low quality scores.

Ads running in each group will have vary CTR s. Try to using Dynamic keyword. This can help you to resolve this issue.

Search Term to Keyword Ratio

Increase depending on the keywords match types you use. This work can improve your CTR.

Quick Bounces

How often someone stay on your site ? Try to check it every day. This is one of the most important factor. Try to make a useful page can hold someone on your site.

The time of remaining people on your site is so important.

Landing Page Experience

This is a mysterious factor.Landing page is the biggest factor in QS . Your customers judging whether or not your landing page experience is good or not

Landing page is the biggest factor in QS your customers judging whether or not your landing page experience is good or not .
To improve your landing page QS bellow factors can help you:
Your content should be unique and original
Use the enough information to be considered trustworthy such as about us , Business address , phone Number and your social media profile links.
Google bots should can crawl your text.

Landing Page Load Time

Your landing page should load so fast. For testing your landing page load time you can use Google insight speed test.

Long-Tail Keyword Usage

Try to use long tail keywords . Long tail keywords can getting higher click-through-rates fr you. and with that comes high quality score.
As you can see the more words you have per keyword, the better you get at narrowing down exactly what people are looking for.
But don’t just add them to your ad group, make sure your ad copy is specific along with the landing page that matches too.

Match Types Don’t Matter

Actually the QS you see at your keywords level is based solely on the search term that exact matches your keyword.This is the reason that your keyword match types don’t affect QS.

It`s necessary to say that high performance account momentum does have a positive impact on Quality Scores.

Page URL

Permalink is so important in your QS.This is is an official component of Quality Score as revealed by Google. Having a specific display URL DOES NOT automatically improve your Quality Score, but it could easily help increase your click-through-rate and therefore, your Quality Score .

Device Performance

Checking how well your ads have been performing on mobile, desktop, and tablets can increase or decrease your QS.

Keyword history

Historical performance is a bigger factor in the beginning.

We have 3 offer for you to boost impressions:
Add more broad match keywords
Add more broad themes to begin with to assist with adding in more broad match keywords.
Examine Impression Share data, the percentage of times an ad shows out of total impressions available


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