Keywords are important because everything in google ads starts with them. Choose the best keywords for your PPC- Advertising.

You can use several online tools to find the best keywords for your advertising such as :

After finding the right keywords to get high rankings at low cost, You need to have :

These parameters can help you to have a high Quality Score.

Creat the best keywords Group

You need to dictate your keywords into related clusters Because search queries have so much variance. This work en­abling you to create more relevant, Quality Score-friendly ad groups, text ads and landing pages. For doing this you should have a tree structure .

How Keywords Work in Your Ads

If you want to have a high QS , Your text should be relevant to the keyword.This work can determine where your ad appears and your cost per click.

Your keywords should appear in your ad. The term the user searches on will appear in bold font in your ad, so using the keyword more than once will really make your ad “light up”


  • Use your keywords in the headline and once more in the description line
  • Select long-tail keywords , they have less competition, more targeted and less costly.
  • Fill your sitelinks with related keywords

Keyword Match Types for Google Ads

In google ads management you can tell Google how restrictive your ads against relevant search queries

There are four keyword match types:

Broad match:

Broad match is one of the four keyword matching options that help control how closely the keyword needs to match a person’s search term in order for your ad to appear. You can choose one or more matching options for a keyword, and broad match will be used by default if you don’t specify a particular matching option.

Modified broad match:

Google recently introduced a new Ads feature that lets you create keywords that are more targeted than broad match, yet have a greater reach than phrase or exact match. With modified broad match, you put a plus sign (+) in front of one or more words in a broad match keyword.

Phrase match:

Phrase match lets a keyword trigger your ad to show only when someone searches for your exact keyword phrase, or close variations of your exact keyword phrase, with potentially other words before or after that phrase. Close variations include misspellings, singular and plural forms, acronyms, stemmings (such as floor and flooring), abbreviations, and accents.

Exact match:

This type is a keyword match type available to advertisers using Google Ads and Bing Ads. Exact match keywords allow you to reach prospects searching only for the specific keyword you’re bidding on or close variants of that keyword.

If you want select the Broad match you should be ready for the maximum number of impressions and clicks. But in match type you can have an experience of traffic will be more relevant and more qualified.

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