Google Ads is a Google advertising system. This is an online advertising system that you should pay to Google to display your advertising. We will explain more about this topic in this article. By Google Ads you can be in Google`s search result by certain keywords.

In this way , your advertising will be in search result only as long as you pay Google .

We will explain about important factors of Google adwords such as ;

Quality score

cost-per-click and other necessary information in this article.
If you want to developing your business by PPC Advertising we suggest to read this Article.

Will Google Ads can help you ?

If it done right can warranty very strong results, but if done wrong can only finish your money. To win in this field you need to manage and optimize a high performing campaign. It can be suitable for all kinds of business if it done properly.

In first step you should select best keyword. They can help you to get highest organic results.

Ads may work or not for your company , and it depends on the keywords that you select. Certainly, you realize the importance of keywords .

What is best keywords for PPC Advertising?

Competitive keywords that they are relevant to your business are the best one . You can search for find them and you can use online tools too.

In Google ads you should bid on keywords that they can drive related traffic to your website. your advertisements should be on search engine results page when people are searching for your services our products

How much does a typical click cost?

This is not an easy question to answer. Many factors are that can affect the cost  . “It depends” is the most common answer.

How can start Google Ads?

You should open a Google Ads account in first step. You need a high level of skills for doing that , So search about this .

Ads bidding and your rank

The first thing people want to know is the position of their ads. We should say that it is your rank that determine the place of your ads. In other words, the first position is for the highest rank and so on. It is also so easy to calculate the CPC ; you should divide the next highest ad rank after you on your quality Score. But, what if you are in the lowest rank? In this case, you have to pay your maximum bid per click. This is a penalty which Google Ads has for those with lowest rank. In fact, the higher your quality score, the less you pay.

Google auction work process in Google Ads

When you display your ad on Google, then, the research engine will tell you your ad positions and also CPC.

Attending a Google auction

Well, if you bid on the relevant keywords, you can participate in the Google auction. Then, there are some factors including your quality score, your bid and also how relevant your keywords are that let you to be shown on the SERP or not.

Which keywords are used in Google auction?

At first, you should prepare your keywords that on which you want bid. Then, Google uses the most relevant one with highest bid for the auction.

Cost-per-click and the way it works

Actually, it is the money that an advertiser have to pay whenever a person clicks on their ads.

As mentioned before, your CPC depends on your keywords and also your highest bid. In addition the quality score is an important parameter in it.

How much is a normal and average CPC on Ads?

We said before that it depends on your company and your keywords. Generally speaking, an average amount of CPC is about 2.32 $ and 0.58$ on search network and display network, respectively.

Google Quality Score for Ads

Google wants to know if your ads are relevant or helpful. So, it use this parameter to specify the usefulness of your ads. You should notice that with a higher quality score you can pay less money and also you will have a higher rank.

How much to pay for Ads

When people want to have Google Adwords, they first ask how Google determine the amount of money they should pay. To answer this we should again say that the competitiveness of your keywords, your max bid and also quality score are taken into account to determine the payment.

Google rank for ads

The position of your advertisements that is determined by your bid and quality score is the Google rank for your ads.

The difference between Ad rank and Quality Score

Your quality score shows how relevant and useful your ad is for the users. But, ad rank is the position of your ad on the page. We should note that the quality score becomes more important for Google in a way that since 2013 it is changed from 7 to 5.

Ad position

The place of your ad on the search engine page results is your ad position.

How much is actual CPC?

The money that you should pay as an advertiser when someone clicks on your ads. And in fact, the other advertisers in the auction for Google Ads determine it and it is mostly less that maximum bidding price.

Determining the actual cost-per-click

As it was mentioned before, you should divide the highest ad rank below you by quality score plus 0.01 $

Alternative bidding methods

You can use other approaches such as CPM and CPA.

CPM bidding

You can use it with CPA bidding. It is based on impressions.

A comparison between CPC and CPM

CPC depends on the number of clicks while CPM depends on the impressions. It is important to know that you can use both approaches at the same time.

Keywords for Ads

The phrases (words) on which you bid is keywords. You should determine them in a way that they put your advertisements on SERP (search engine result page). Your keywords should be based on what people search for to find that specific product or service.

Ad group and Google Ads

The combination of your keywords, Ads advertisements and pages is called ad group. Ad groups are so important for Google. So if you make your Ads campaigns with a good ad group, Google will reward you. Be careful about your keywords in the groups. Make a good structure for that.

Ad relevance in Google Adwords?

We mentioned that your keywords should be relevant to ads. So, the more your keywords are relevant, the higher quality score you get.











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