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According to our other articles regarding Google Ads and its factors such as quality score (QS), you need to have a high quality score. But here the question is how to improve the quality score in Google Ads. Because if you can improve the quality score , your ads ranking will be better.  Then, it is so important to care about it and increase your knowledge and information in this area.

Here we discuss about improve the quality score in Google Ads and let you know more about the benefits of it. Just keep up reading this article.

What are the advantages of improve the quality score in Google Ads?

Well, we have to state that we have many years of experiences in Google Ads and improve the quality score . So with the help of our expertise and experiences and working on many PPC accounts, we have to mention that your success in Google Ads depends directly on your quality score . In case you optimize your quality score, you can take higher positions in search engine page. Then you will pay less money per conversation. Sounds awesome!

Here you should notice that pay per conversation is something different from pay per click. As a matter of fact, in pay per click you have to pay money whenever a searcher click on your ads. But, pay per conversation is said whenever people do something that you want or ask them to do. For example purchasing your products or asking for your service is included in pay per click. Even signing up for a free trial can be an example for actions included in pay per click. We should say that cost per conversation is higher than cost per click. The reason is obvious because all the clicks do not result in conversation.

The good news is that a high quality score results in a lower cost per conversation and also cost per click. So, it seems reasonable to optimize and improve the quality score and try to make it higher and higher.

In fact, if you have a high quality score in Google Ads , it is considered that your ads meet your customers’ demands and needs. So, to make you more encourage, Google let you to pay less money. Then, if you try to match your ads to your customers’ needs Google will ask for less money for any click on your ads. Then, it is important to say it once more: the higher quality score lets you pay less for any click or conversation.

How can you increase the quality score in Google Ads?

It is fact that your quality score defines the position of your ads and also it designate how often your ads should be shown to searchers. Then, if you want to be seen by people you need to improve the quality score. And you know the improvement of your quality score will end up with a better ranking of your ads. So, you need to work on your account all the time and always do your best to boost it.

Well, here we show you how to do that. In other words, we mention some factors that affect your quality score . So, you can pay your attention to them.
The first area you need to focus on in Google Ads is your keyword area. At first, you should choose your keywords in a smart way. In fact, the keywords should be highly relevant to your ads and texts. In addition, it is better to separate long keywords into some small groups. For that you can split the keywords and let them be more effective. Remove irrelevant keywords.
After that you should pay attention to your ads texts. You should write your ads contents in a way that be more effective.

Landing page is another factor that affects your QS in Google Ads. The way you design it and the content are so important for your ranking. In addition, if your landing page is more relevant, you can have more conversation. Then you can be more successful in with the help of Google Ads. In other words, when a searcher clicks on your landing page via your ads, you will have a visitor. and to make this visitor into a prospective customer you should satisfy him or her. In this situation, it is your landing page that can fulfill the visitor needs and demands.

Moreover, it is better to decrease the time of your landing page loading. So you can check how to reduce the loading time. In fact this is an important factor in improve the quality score. In addition, searchers do not like to spend much time for loading a page. So, if it take a long time for them, they may quit visiting your landing page.

For testing the speed of your landing page and improve it click here.

In summary, you should increase the relevancy of your keywords to your ads and landing page. In addition, it can be a good idea to organize your campaigns into smaller and more effective ones. Better and more relevant keywords not only improve the quality score, but also increase the number of your visitors and hopefully the number of your customers.
Therefore, if you have a low QS in your Google Ads account you should probably check:

  • The relevancy of your keywords to your ads
  • your landing page
  • and the description of your campaign

Why is it necessary to hire a professional person in Google Ads?

Well, working in Google Ads area needs a lot of information and knowledge in this field. In addition, experiences can really help you to be successful in it.
For an amateur person it may be so difficult to choose effective and relevant keywords. In addition, web designing and the content of your landing page is a very important subject in Google Ads that everyone cannot do that. You need to be creative and have many ideas of what to do.

Moreover, if you do not follow the Google’s laws and rules in Ads, you may pay more money and gain no results.

Then, in order to spend less time and achieve more, you’d better fine a specialized person and benefit from their experiences and information.
We are always there to help you get better results and boost your business. All you need to do is to contact us. Please do not hesitate for being in touch with us.

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