Google Search Network is the best tool for you if you want your ads appear with:

  • Google search results
  • other search sites

when users search your keywords.

Google partner to put your faith in:

In fact VDigiMarketing has you covered . We have the experience of working with many companies in all type of industries throughout the country.
We build, manage and optimize your campaigns to help you outperform the competition.
Our Google marketing is widely recognized for excellent standards, as our client testimonials and record of success demonstrate.

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international market

Recognized in the international market By Google Search Network

VDigiMarketing has a reputation for building and managing wildly successful PPC campaigns that achieve noticeable results.
Our passion and commitment to advanced strategies, execution of Google ads ,  variable a/b testing, call tracking and bid management algorithms help our campaigns outshine our competition and accomplish maximum results for our clients  too .

Google Ads agency in New Zealand

There is no doubt that Google Ads is a complex tool . In the right hands, it can achieve powerful results, but it`s important to realize that marketers can be disillusioned by poorly-executed campaigns.
The management and optimization of a campaign which performs well involve a specific and advanced skill set, as well as continuous up-skilling to accommodate new updates, features and best practices.
It also involves repeated testing, iteration and lots of time to dedicate to it. A “set and forget” campaign is sure to fail; you need dedicated Google Ads professionals to do the legwork while you focus on doing business.

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The right combination of humans and technology

Our campaign managers work with algorithm and optimization technology to engage your potential customers online.
Our Google Ads agency keeps every one of our marketing rock stars up-to-date with training in the latest techniques and product releases. We even get invited to test BETA launches.
Our staff are all Google accredited for search, mobile, video, display and Remarketing , analytics and Google shopping.

How does PPC work?

Google Ads creates sponsored search results, which are usually the first items you see during a Google search with an “Ad” symbol next to them.
They are targeted by keyword search terms to give you control over how you want to be discovered, including by location and time of day, with a tailored ad for your preference.
You pay every time someone clicks on your ad and visits your website, so you are only paying for results.


Everything measured

VDigiMarketing values transparency. You get complete control over what you spend, and our fees are clearly presented.
We track calls and use advanced analytics techniques for every campaign to continually assess effectiveness.
We can also offer things like heat mapping to record website visits in real-time, analysing the behaviour of visitors.
Any conversion by way of web forms, emails, sign-ups, online purchases and other key data will be tracked and recorded. You will know every result your PPC campaign achieves.