Google Ads Management in New Zealand is a way to grow your Business. Don`t lose your time and start Google Ads quickly.

This can also allow companies to reach such a large and widespread audience.
Being in Search Engine Results.

where your customers are looking for products and services.
This online service while can warranty an aptimum results that done right. Therefore this can be complicated tool.

We are one of a few Google partner in New Zealand . We can help you to manage and optimize a high performing Google Ads campaign in New Zealand with our high level of skills.

Vdigimarketing uses Google Ads to:

• Test marketing campaigns
• Analyze ad results
• Get instant traffic
• Target ads locally
• Identify high volume keywords

google ads management in New Zealand

Google Ads Management in New Zealand

Vdigitmarketing is a Google Partner

VDigimarketing is the Google partner in New Zealand with several years experiences.

You need a Google Partner that you can trust.Trust Us, we can building , managing and optimizing campaigns that outperform your competitors.

Experience the best successful Google Ads campaigns locally, nationally and globally.

google ads set up in New Zealand

Google Ads Setup in New Zealand

It is important to realize at the first step of setting up a Google Ads management in New Zealand :

 In VDigimarketing we spend time for:

  • understanding your business
  • your challenges
  • and your ideal customers .

Also there are some extra tools to help us for doing the best Google Ads management in New Zealand , Such as :

  • keyword research and selection
  • selection and implementation of negative keywords, if appropriate
  • assistance with the creation of a new Google Ads account keywords are split into small, relevant groups
  • two adverts per group to enable split-testing (Known as A/B testing)

Google Ads Management in New Zealand with Vdigimarketing

  • Advertisement changes in response to performance
  • Addition and removal of keywords as appropriate
  • Analysis of campaign using Analytics software
  • Monthly reports

Important Hints such as :

  • Payments will be in New Zealand dollar (currently equals 31/500 IRR)
  •  Full access to Google account , just with pay for one of our panels
  • Service Fees includes: Building fees Teaching how manage Google Ads in New Zealand
  • The managing service fee is for optimizing your ads and reducing the customer acquisition cost (CAC).
google ads management in New Zealand with Vdigimarketing

Features of Google Ads Management in New Zealand with Vdigimarketing

Low cost investment for google ads management

Low Initial Investment

In Vdigimarketing we will set up your ads campaign within any budget for the first time in New Zealand.

Therefore you will pay the minimal establishment fee payable to the search engine and setting up an ads campaign to us.

After that , Vdigimarketing only charges a small management fee.

and when someone clicks on your ads and goes to your website you should Pay.

Set Your Own Budget

Vdigimarketing Also enables you to customize your ads based on your budget.

Once you have spent that budget.

your adverts will no longer be shown – you’ll never incur unexpected charges.

Consequently Budgets can be amended up or down as necessary – on a weekly or even daily basis!

budget for google ads
A Level Playing Field in Google ads

A Level Playing Field

With Google Ads , you can compete with national and international chains on an equal footing.

Also  Your ads when developed & targeted effectively can be displayed alongside ads for larger competitors with marketing resources you would not normally be able to compete with.

Immediate Results

However you should be aware of companies that promise immediate SEO (search engine rankings) , using paid products like Google Ads are the exception to this rule.

Therefore by using PPC ads, you can achieve top placements very quickly or almost immediately.

What’s more, you will get results (enquiries , conversions or sales) more quickly than with natural SEO methods.

Immediate Results in Google Ads
Google ads report

Analysis & Trackability

Google Ads provides near real-time activity results too.

Furthermore Vdigimarketing will track and analyze the results.

We will adjust the campaign on an ongoing basis to maximize your return on investment too.
Also we will sent you a complete reports of your campaign

National & International Presence

Google Ads reaches the vast majority of the world’s population – as the service currently serves 207 countries with the ability to specify locations by cities or regions across the world. Launching a targeted Google Ads campaign , enables you to reach potential customers/clients across the globe.

national advertising with google ads managemnt