Google Adwords Campaign

For create a Google adwords campaign you should sign in to your Adwords account . If you don’t have Google Adwords account Click here .

Note: You can use a Google Adwords campaign to organizing all categories of your products or your services. Before you can creat ads in your account you need to Create a Google Adwords Campaign.

Step 1 to create a Google Adwords Campaign

Click + Campaign

Select your campaign type from the drop-down menu.

Google Adwords Campaign

We selected Search Network only. For getting information about Google Adwords campaign type click here.

creat Google Adwords Campaign

Step 2 in Creat a Google Adwords campaign

2)Select the name for your campaign

3)We are suggesting you to select (All features) in this step. If you want access to all available AdWords features within search you should select this item.

4)Select the name of you campaign in this step.

5)Check the include search partner in this item.

6)Don`t worry about this,  After creating your ad , you can indicate that specific ads ad extensions are optimized to show on mobile phones or tablet . and you can use “settins” tab to adjust your bids for different devices.

7)Your ad will be shown in location that you selected

8)Your ads will be appear on language that you choose in this step.

9)You can use automated bid strategy and it will be set based on your business goal.
In manual bidding you should set your own maximum cost-per-click bids for ad groups.

10)Determine your daily budget here.

11)Select each extension that you need:


Use this extension to show your business address and phone number in your ad


Show your specific pages of your website in your ad by this extension. sitelink let you show several links beneath your ad. and your Customers get quick access to pages of your site.
Click on this links are prices in same way as normal ad clicks.

Call extension:

Add call extension to your ad, Your customers can connect directly to your business with phone call.


Use callouts extension in your Google Adwords campaign to encourage people about your offers.

Structured snippets:

Highlight specific aspects of your products and services with this

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