Animation and Motion graphics

Squeezing in a short video clip into the digital marketing campaign has always proven to be very effective because it engages the audience with the product or service and communicates easily and has a positive influence. With motion graphics content outruns the truth.

So what our motion graphics team does that benefits you :

  • Creating the perfect scenario according to client’s goals
  • Selecting the approved media (preferably motion graphics due to their high impact on the crowd and social media)
  • Choosing the suitable animation techniques
  • At first we will share the general concept and ideas for the character with the client
  • And after client’s approval we will continue the production
  • Video clips will be between 30 and 60 seconds to get your audience hyped up
  • Each video clip will be priced at 750$ to 1500$ depending on the order
  • Average of 4 video clips in month