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An Ad groups will be creat by a set of ads and keywords that are related to each other. You can use of cost-per-click bid for your ad group and also you can set price for individual keywords within the ad group.

Ad group can help you to organize your ads by common them.

Note:You don’t have any limitation on the number of ads group in your campaign.

How you can creat an Ad groups?

  1. Sign in to your  Google Ads account.
  2. Click the Campaigns tab.
  3. Under All campaigns, click the name of the campaign that you’d like to add an ad group to.
  4. Click the Ad groups tab.
  5. Click the + Ad group button.
  6. On the “Create ad groups” page that appears, follow the instructions to complete your new ad group (you’ll be given the chance to create an initial ad and its keywords).
    Click Save ad group.

Creat an ad group in Google Ads

Can you edit you ads groups?

Yes, In the table on the Ad groups tab, you can edit a single ad group by clicking its status icon or bid in the “Default Max. CPC” column. To change the ad group’s name, click the pencil icon that appears when your cursor is next to the ad group’s name. Note that if you click the ad group’s name instead, you’ll jump to the Keywords tab.

edit google ad group


The Suggestion for the Best Ad groups Instruction

Try to focuse on hyper-specific keywords and audiences. Your Ad text and landing pages should be match to each other closely. Don`t try to appeal to your entire audience in a single group.

How many keywords should be in Ad groups?

You can read in “10 common Google Ads Mistakes ” by Kirk Williams ; The best rules of thumb is to use no more than 20 keywords per ad group.

You can use 1-5 keywords in each group.

Optimize your Ad groups

at the first step you need to determine your target, what should you write and who to target. For getting more conversions you need to optimize your ads. Before optimizing your conversion rate , Organizing your ad groups properly.

2-3 ads to test against each other for performance. And you can stop whichever ones are performing poorly.

Increase your landing page quality score , Try to match your ads text with your landing page.

If you have less keywords per group and your landing page will be perfectly matched the ad surely you can receiving a higher ad quality score.

Organize Your Ad Groups By Match Type

Organize your keywords list by 3 different match type:

Broad Match:lets a keyword trigger your ad to show whenever someone searches for that phrase, similar phrases, singular or plural forms, misspellings, synonyms, stemmings (such as floor and flooring), related searches, and other relevant variations.

Phrase Match:lets a keyword trigger your ad to show only when someone searches for your exact keyword phrase, or close variations of your exact keyword phrase, with potentially other words before or after that phrase

Exact Match:is the Google Ads keyword match type that allows you to show your ad when a searcher types the exact word or phrase you are bidding on. … With Exact Match, your ads may appear when the meaning of someone’s search exactly matches your keyword.

By checking your keyword list in Google ads you will be able to add suggestion into your exact match group and bid for them once they prove to be profitable.

Top performance for organize you Ad groups

This method is so efficient and powerful. The key strategy here is to target only the exact keywords you want in your exact keyword match ad group and discover other well-performing keywords in the other broad match ad group.

Check your search terms and add broad match ad group to exact match ad groups.

Then add your exact match keywords into broad match ad groups as negative keywords , Therefore they will be show just for your exact match.

Optimizing your keywords is necessary to have an optimized Google Ads.

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